Market Loss Policy

The use of the order number following a purchase from Low Cost Bullion, the price is guaranteed and you may not cancel the transaction. The transaction may only be offset at Low Cost Bullion’s current requested price. If your item is cancelled, you are responsible for any deficit between the price at which Low Cost Bullion sold the item to you and the offsetting order price.

As set forth above, all cancellations are subject to our market loss policy, in addition to a $30 administrative fee. Market gains on cancellations or returns shall remain the property of Low Cost Bullion.

Without limiting any other legal or equitable rights and remedies that may be available to Low Cost Bullion, Low Cost Bullion may elect to apply any and all of your funds in its possession to satisfy your monetary obligations and/or may offset any obligations that Low Cost Bullion may have to you. Low Cost Bullion also reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to apply any/all funds in its possession toward the satisfaction of your obligations to Low Cost Bullion.

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Precious Metal Spot Prices
Gold$2,364.10$2,367.10 -$50.10
Silver$27.90$27.98 -$1.23
Platinum$935.30$943.30 -$23.30
Palladium$910.50$930.50 -$23.50